SysTrack Community lets SysTrack customers compare key performance indicators from their own environment to a representative sample of peer data from other organizations.

SysTrack Community enables customers to access a new set of analytical reports that compares key performance indicators of their own environment to a larger peer group in the industry.

IT organizations use SysTrack to develop a deep understanding about their own environment and their users’ experiences; SysTrack already enables leading IT organizations to analyze long term trends in their end user computing health and the underlying factors and root causes. SysTrack Community expands on these capabilities by enabling organizations to answer pressing questions around “how is everybody else doing?”, “has anybody else seen this type of systems behavior before?” and “what hardware and software is running in other organizations that are similar to mine?”

Initial Datasets

Specific datasets available at launch include:
  • End user health analysis and trend comparison
  • Top 5 health impact areas
  • Operating system adoption over time (Windows adoption metrics)
  • VDI and virtualization adoption
  • Cloud storage adoption
  • Software portfolio utilization (used vs. unused applications)
  • Browser-based vs. traditional applications